Greg is experienced in decorative art techniques across the spectrum:  painted furniture, murals, trompe l’oeil, wood graining, marbling, stonework, gilding and metallic finishes.  He works on traditional and contemporary projects of any size in both the residential and commercial markets.  He is notably skilled at colour matching enabling him to restore and maintain the integrity of an original finish.


In addition to his hands-on approach to decoration, Greg also offers an advisory service allied to project management.  His 30 plus years in the industry has given him first hand knowledge of potential design and building pitfalls.  This experience enables him to provide both cost- and time-saving recommendations as well as practical design solutions that have helped many clients over the years. 



Greg is highly skilled in the many techniques used to decorate walls with specialist paint effects. Using one of many techniques: from a colour wash to tromp l’oeil moldings, stone blocking, distressed and textured finishes, hand-painted murals and ‘wallpaper’ or a combination of techniques, he can transform any space.   Despite favoring the traditional, classical approach to specialist decorative painting, he can accommodate any preference.


Faux-painted flagstones and painted wooden floors (Swedish style, aged, with pattern or motif) and painted mosaic finishes are all a possibility. Greg can work on concrete and hardwood floors with a choice of many specially formulated paints and stains.  From faux tiles to stenciled designs you can select a style to either subtly enhance your space or to be the predominant feature.



Greg is most passionate about ceilings.  One of the challenges he enjoys is the difficult physical condition under which he has to work - often upside down on a high scaffolding with complex measurements.  Various techniques can be employed to change the look of an otherwise bland ceiling – manipulating the sense of space can be done in many ways.  He is expert at dealing with tromp moldings, vaulted and coffered ceilings, for example, to complement the height of any ceiling relative to the size of the space.

Furniture & Woodwork


Painting, gilding and painted metallic finishes are techniques that can be used to great effect on furniture and woodwork.  Whether a modern or aged and antiqued finish is required, Greg can transform any piece of furniture.  Each piece will be unique.  Whether you require a stand-alone piece or one that blends into a specific area, or if it is custom-built or even if you wish to revive an existing but tired favourite, anything is possible.


 His on-site presence allows him to highlight potential design problems and schedule inaccuracies, and give advice on preparation and sequencing of decorative elements.  His invaluable experience in the industry over 30 years provides him with unique insight into many areas of the project enabling him to troubleshoot problem areas.  This fine-tuning results in a more efficient project progression.





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